Web3 Adoption Strategies that Drive Sustainable Growth

We help organisations build and engage communities, and attract and retain developers.

We help you develop a blockchain ecosystem with deep and enduring value.

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Ecosystems change over time, and as their populations grow they encounter new needs and challenges. We provide services appropriate to the distinct stages of this evolution.

Build: Foundations for adoption

Attracting your core early adopters in the right way creates a loyal army of advocates. Make it easy for them to help you build through improving onboarding journeys, educational content, core community outreach, and documentation.

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Engage: Developers and Communities

Success fuels expansion, which not only increases the numbers of adopters but also the varieties of their interactions with you. Create sustainable adoption by supporting the communities that grow around your technology, helping teams and end users of all levels of technical skill get the most out of what you have to offer.

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Scale: Adoption globally

As horizons expand, so does exposure to new opportunities, systems, and solutions. Diversify and scale adoption on a global level, decentralise decision-making and operations, and position yourself strategically for the next phase of evolution.

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At B9Lab we believe there are values worth championing for web3:

  • We believe in taking a long-term and whole-ecosystem view.
  • We believe ethics is a moral imperative—and a practical necessity.
  • We believe a healthy ecosystem is a diverse one.
  • We believe in building bridges to other fields.
  • We believe in collective security.
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We work with companies, foundations, institutions, and developer-enabled appchains, offering a range of bespoke services from education to implementation.

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