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Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity
or fast pace of new technology?

Are you intrigued by the boundless potential of artificial intelligence, tokenisation, crypto, blockchain, and other web3 opportunities but don't know where to start and who to ask?

AskGem is here to help with on-demand tech expertise from the team at B9Lab, listening and offering impartial insights that simplify transformative technologies and turn intimidating decisions into straightforward choices.

Tap into unparalleled industry expertise

B9Lab has provided advice and training to over 160 corporate clients, from industry giants to cutting-edge web3 projects. Today, we're channeling this invaluable experience to empower decision-makers like you directly.

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How AskGem supports you

Whether you're a tech novice or seasoned professional, AskGem opens doors to cost-effective expertise for working with transformative technology in a fast-paced environment.

  • Strategic Advice: Evaluating options for product development
  • Technology Mapping: Help choosing platforms, systems, frameworks, and architecture
  • Implementation Guidance: Support with code, algorithms, and other practical issues

Unleash boundless innovation

With AskGem, you get on demand access to the B9Lab team—developers, strategists, marketers, and educators, all with extensive expertise in blockchain, web3, and AI.

  • Consultancy Call: We set up an in-depth consultation to explore your questions and goals and help shape your unique path to tech success.
  • On-Demand Expertise: Email and direct messaging support will give you the clarity needed to make informed decisions.
  • Affordable Monthly Subscription: Enjoy flexibility with subscriptions that start at €1,000/month - no long-term commitment required.

Your impartial expert on demand

Making informed decisions is crucial, yet many business professionals lack the time or deep tech know-how required. AskGem helps you avoid costly missteps.

Technical Insights

You'll get clear guidance on which platforms, systems, and frameworks you should adopt to maximise success.

Project Rescue

Reached a project crossroad, or worried it's approaching a dead end? We'll give an impartial second opinion.

Strategic Guidance

We'll help you grasp tech's potential impact on your business, from tokens to cross-border payments.

Leveraging NFTs

We help artists and businesses who want to boost their brand with all new products but aren't sure where to start.

Transitioning Careers

We advise CEOs and CTOs seeking tech insights and retraining to stay relevant in a changing marketplace.

Launching Projects

We assist both teams and individuals planning AI or blockchain projects, eager to start but needing guidance.

Secure direct access now

AskGem is currently operating on an invite-only basis and is open to a select number of early adopters. AskGem is an ideal solution for professionals and teams seeking guidance on how to choose the right technology or who want to achieve optimal execution with minimal risk.

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"When I was with the ICF, we partnered with B9Lab to run the Interchain Developer Academy, which enabled us to attract, train, and onboard hundreds of new developers into the Interchain Ecosystem. The team at B9Lab did a phenomenal job creating a guided training program and supporting the students day to day. They created and maintained a highly effective developer onboarding funnel which enabled us to tackle one of the largest obstacles to our ecosystem’s growth. I’d highly recommend B9Lab’s program for any organization seeking quality training and onboarding in web3."
Noam Cohen
Former DevRel Lead at the Interchain Foundation
"Great job. It was absolutely amazing. I previously had theoretical knowledge but by far not so deep. I learned a lot and was able to apply it at my company already. Fantastic work. Really well organized and support was also always there!"
Martin Schäffner
Interchain Developer Academy graduate
"B9lab provide what other blockchain oriented schools "forgot" to. You can find courses online about learning Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, but what if you're not a technical person? If you're a business analyst, how do you gather requirements for a new dApp if you don't know how blockchains work? If you're a decision maker, how do you know which type of networks to choose (public vs. private)? If you work in sales, how can you convince a potential client that blockchain fits their business model if you don't know the different uses cases where it can and can't be used? B9lab presented the missing link between the business and technical sides."
Adel Rustum
Software Engineer
"I feel confident I now have the tools and network to start building my own Cosmos-based app chain."
Max Heilman
Interchain Developer Academy graduate
"I took two B9Lab Ethereum courses in 2017 that helped me getting a job. In 2018, I also took another to keep learning with them. The course material was great, and instructors were there when I had doubts. The course covered everything demanded from a Solidity Developer. It is very good to see B9Lab instructors helping and improving the blockchain community in other forums."
Luiz Hamilton Ribeiro Leite Soares
Digital Marketing Consultant
"I feel much more confident about re-launching our testnet and trying to transition over to mainnet now."
Ryan Molecke
Interchain Developer Academy graduate

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