Online Workshop: No-code AI Fast Track

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence by joining our comprehensive workshop on the current state of AI technology and their application. In this no-code workshop, participants will delve into the exciting realm of AI, exploring the fundamental technologies and tools that drive innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

This Workshop is also available as customised corporate Workshop with on-site option.

Next course: 8th of July 2024

4 hour online course
250€ (book in June and save 250€)
(excl. VAT)

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Following course: 23rd of July 2024

4 hour online course
250€ (book in July and save 250€)
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Following course: 7th of August 2024

4 hour online course

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The course takes place over four hours + a short 15 minute break. The session is scheduled for:

  • PST (UTC-07:00): 7.00am - 11.15am
  • EST (UTC-04:00): 10.00am - 2.15pm
  • UTC: 2.00pm - 6.15pm
  • ICT (UTC+07:00): 9.00pm - 1.15am

Recorded session

The session will be available on Replay for two weeks afterwards.

Course content

I - Basics & theory:

  • History of AI development
  • What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine learning? And what is a Large Language Model?
  • Basics on how LLMs work

II - Current state:

  • Overview of technology, providers, and tools.
  • Current developments and future direction.

III - Hands-On prompting and tools:

  • Use ChatGPT and Google AI services.
  • Understand the difference between the providers and models.
  • Improve your everyday workflows using AI.

IV - Extended topics:

  • Build no-code automations using Make/Zapier
  • Other models, including Open Source alternatives
  • Run your own LLM on your laptop
  • Third party AI service integrations
  • The AI Economy - price calculation, business models, limitations & opportunities

V - Ethical and legal considerations:

  • Understand the ethical considerations surrounding AI development and implementation.
  • Explore legal constraints and compliance requirements in the AI landscape.
  • Discuss real-world case studies to navigate the ethical and legal challenges associated with AI.

Add-on: workshop follow up - Online chat

Participants will gain access to a separate Slack channel provided by us for the following two weeks after the workshop, through which further questions can be asked, which will be answered by our trainers. Also includes assistance with your own projects. This includes both group and individual questions. (Max trainer time spent capped at 1h).

Upgrade available for 249€ 99€.

Who Should Attend

  • Decision-makers exploring the integration of AI into their business strategies.
  • Technology enthusiasts looking to stay abreast of the latest AI trends.
  • No-code Workshop, no previous AI knowledge required


  • Acquire practical skills in using and applying AI tools and frameworks.
  • Enhance your knowledge to assess and plan the incorporation of AI capabilities into existing applications and business processes.
  • Gain insights into the ethical and legal considerations essential for responsible AI development.

Course registration

Next course: 8th of July 2024

4 hours online course
250€ (book in June and save 250€)
(excl. VAT)

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