Engage Developers through Communities

Blockchain is by nature a social technology, and communities in web3 are not simply groups of passive customers to sell things to: they form a symbiotic partnership that builds, progresses, innovates, and consumes. Creating and stewarding an engaged and active community is key to overall success.


We deep dive into existing developer journeys and review marketing approaches, target groups, community makeup, and channels to deliver actionable recommendations. We can also work closely with your marketing and technical teams to execute these recommendations and drive developer relations.


We work across multiple protocols and technologies to tailor learning paths to audience needs, be they developers, decision-makers, or a mix of both. We build white-labelled academies that scale to thousand of participants and generate certified developers for direct employment or to be supported in independent projects. Since 2015, we have run some of web3’s largest academy programs, such as the Consensys Academy (2017), the Corda Academy (2019), and the Interchain Developer Academy (2022).

Marketing Strategy

Our team of marketers has extensive experience in blockchain. In addition to in-depth audits, they work closely with your marketing and technical teams to identify and reach the key target groups. We will help them bring value to your platform with targeting, messaging, and positioning, as well as content marketing strategies.


Sustainable developer engagement and attrition reduction can involve targeted events. We have years of experience when it comes to productive hackathon-like events, conferences online and offline, and more.

Technical and non-technical onboarding

As your team grows, provide them with the tools to get everyone up to speed with how your tech works and how it’s evolving, whether they work directly with the tools or in supporting roles.

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